Attendance Guidelines

Any student arriving after 8:55 a.m. will have an unexcused absence for the class periods missed, unless proper documentation is provided.

Any student signing out before 3:30 p.m. will have an unexcused absence in the class periods missed, unless proper documentation is provided.

Attention Parents and Guardians:

 - When calling in for absent students, call the school attendance office at (972) 882-5305 before 10:00 a.m. with the reason for the student's absence.

 - Parents are provided only three call-ins per year for illness.

 - A student who misses three days of school consecutively must have a doctor's note to excuse the absences after the initial two days.

 - All absences are considered unexcused if the school does not receive a phone call.

 - The school does not accept written notes for absences, only a phone call with verifiable contact information.

Click the link below to view the attendance letter to parents:

Attendance Letter to Parents 

Dress Code and Tardy Policies at Poteet

Teachers will utilize a new campus policy in an effort to manage dress code and tardy violations. Conduct grade deductions will be made for each dress code and tardy violation that a student commits. On the 7th tardy/ dress code violation an office referral will be written for the student. Tardy and dress code violations will start over each six weeks.

**On the 4th tardy of the semester the student will lose their exemption for that particular class and will be required to take their semester exam.