College Readiness Center

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Poteet U College Night

Each year Poteet High School raises College awareness during College Week. The event is hosted by MISD at Eastfield College each Fall. Representatives from various colleges are available to answer your questions.

College and Career Week

Each Spring we celebrate College and Career Week encouraging students to explore colleges and careers. Teachers are asked to discuss their college experiences with their students.

College Chats during Lunch

College representatives are available during all lunches throughout the year to chat with students and offer information.



Planning for the SAT and ACT exams is a very important part of your college preparation. Naviance offers a FREE prep for the SAT and ACT called PrepMe. To access PrepMe, log into Naviance, and the link is on the left of your home page under "Resources."

The "Planning for the ACT/SAT" guide has been prepared for you. Take a moment and read through it. Ever experience testing anxiety or testing troubles? Poteet U has also prepared some testing strategies for you.

Planning for the SAT & ACT
Testing Strategies

Dual Credit/AP Courses

Every AP student is expected to take the AP exam. The district provides Saturday study sessions for English, Math and Science throughout the year so that students are fully prepared for each exam.

Parents of AP Students
Schedule of AP Exams


College Information

Test Preparation
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Financial Aid

Career Opportunities