Found in1986, Dr. Ralph H. Poteet High School recongnizes the unique potential of every student. Inspring students to become eager lifelong learners. PHS is committed to the futures of some of some of the brightest young minds our nation has to offer.

Excerpt from first PHS year book:

"We were in a class by ourselves - literally. Priveleged to be the first and only class to attend Mesquite's newest school during its opening year, our freshman student body molded the basic direction of Ralph. H. Poteet High School.

We were the new kids in town, and we had a lot to live up to with our three neighboring schools. We were known as North Mesquite's "little sister," because, in reality, we were her freshman class of 800 students. But we had our own identity too.

We packed our 31 classrooms, temporary cafeteria, and library of our brand new solar-regulated building. We held assemblies in the gym because we didn't have an auditorium. We weathered the storm of barely heard shouts in the cafeteria because we didn't have a public address system there. We ignored being mistaken for a middle school. We survived it all.

Pirates teams exceeded expectations. Our band performed spectacular halftime performances without the glitter of the not-yet-formed Buccaneer Belles drill team. The cheerleaders and mascot led the Pirate spirit despite the fact Greed Brigade pep squad was yet to materialize. Our spirit and loyalty was everywhere. Clubs sprang up, and student activities blossomed. We were on our way.

Everything our class touched was the beginning of a proud new tradition which would come to be known as "Poteet." We were the first, and we set the standard by which all future classes would be judged. We proved to everyone, including ourselves... we were first class."

- Author Anonymous

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