Apply for College

Are you interested in college but don't know what steps to take?

This easy Senior Checklist will take you through everything that must be done to apply for college so that you are prepared!

Choosing a College

Which college is right for you? There are a number of factors that go into finding a school that will meet your needs. Some things to consider: location, financial aid and scholarship opportunities, cost, degree program availability and housing options. Learn more and compare various Texas universities and community colleges with this interactive web tool at Compare College | TX

Applying for College

Are you interested in attending a college in Texas?  Most Texas school use the APPLY TEXAS application. Click here to begin the application process. This is also a great research tool. You will find admission information for every Texas public University, plus some private and two-year schools in one location!  

Many independent colleges use the Common Application. Click here to begin the Common Application. Double check the staff directory page to ensure that you have your counselor's correct email address. You will need it for your applications.    

Getting into College

Most colleges and universities list the requirements for admission on their website.  If you are looking at a Texas school, check out this Assured Admissions Chart to see minimum requirements based on your class rank of the most popular colleges. 

SAT and ACT Testing

This common testing is required for all 4 year university applications.  Visit our testing page for more info. 

Do your AP Scores count for College Credit?

Visit  College Board AP to see the AP Credit Policy for college and universities that offer credit or placement. 

Recommendation Letters

If your college or scholarship is requesting a professional recommendation letter, your counselor or teacher is a great place to start.  Please provide your counselor or teacher with a resume listing your accomplishments, awards, organizations that you are involved in, leadership positions held and what your plans are for the future.  Also provide them with who the letter is going to and an address.  Please allow them at least 2 weeks before the deadline to complete the letter.  Doing all of these things will allow us to provide you with a much better and thorough letter that gives an accurate portrait of your accomplishments.

Complete this form and return to your teacher or counselor for a personalized letter of recommendation.