Graduation Plans

Counselors meet one-on-one with their students to review graduation requirements, student credits and progress. All students will complete the Foundation Plan Course Requirements with at least one Endorsement. Most students will also reach the Distinguished Level of Achievement. Earning a Performance Acknowledgement is the highest level a student can achieve. Endorsement selections are made at the conclusion of your 8th grade year, but can be changed with the counselor at anytime. Counselors maintain a credit check for each student, tracking their credits and endorsement progress. Check with your counselor at anytime to view your progress to graduation. 


Grade level Classification

The classification of a student depends upon the number of units of credit earned and not upon the number of years in high school. Changes to grade level are usually made at the beginning of the academic year. 
Sophomore (10th)                       6 units of credit
Junior (11th)                                12 units of credit

Senior (12th)                               18 units of credit

The endorsements are:
STEM  Business & Industry   Public Services  

 Arts & Humanities  Multi-Disciplinary

Visit the pathways above to see what classes are required for each endorsement.  
You must complete 
ONE pathway to receive the endorsement.
This will help you plan what to take each year of your high school career.